A Guide To Post Icons


Every post on this websites blog is accompanied by a 'Post Star Rating' or 'Quick Tip Info' icon.  The meanings of these icons are described below.

Post Star Rating Icon

The star rating icon reflects the level of a post, beginning at Post Star Rating 1 (Beginner) through to Post Star Rating 5 (Expert).

Rating difficulty levels is subjective, everyone has different abilities and we occupy our own unique place on our journey.  What I consider a 5 star difficulty level for me, may be a 2 star difficulty level for a more accomplished Ableton Live user.

That said, a more inexperienced user may also know something a seasoned veteran does not.  Live is a big program and has many features.

Despite this, I have attempted to gauge the level of a post based on a combination of my own experience and weight them against all the posts here so they are at least in line with each other.  Hopefully it will provide some structure to the posts.

Below is a guide to the star rating icons:


Post Star Rating 1 (Beginner) - requires no previous experience of using Ableton Live, just an interest.  These posts won't require a copy of Live nor will they cover technique.  An example would include the GOTO Ableton Live Resources series .


Post Star Rating 2 (Novice) - requires no previous experience of using Ableton Live features however a copy of Live is required to join in with the post.

Don't have Live, yet?  A free 30 day trial of Live is available here

2 star posts would cover basic introductions to:

  • navigating the Ableton Live Interface GUI

  • understanding preferences

  • different views in Ableton Live including session and arrangement.

  • warping, quantizing and grooves

  • recording in MIDI and audio

  • introductions to Ableton Live Instruments, MIDI Effects and Audio Effects


Post Star Rating 2 (Advanced Beginner) - assumes that the user have some experience with content covered in 2 star rating posts and would cover:

  • sound design

  • mixing

  • exporting your work to various formats

  • mastering tracks


Post Star Rating 4 (Competent) - assumes that the user has a knowledge of Live and is familiar with the concepts covered in 2 & 3 star posts.  4 star brings together concepts covered in the 2 & 3 star posts. 

A good example would be the Generative Music post series.  This is going to be a 4 star post  because it combines techniques such as the use of MIDI, Instrument and Audio Racks together with many devices found in Live.   

What this post doesn't do is take you on a tour of these features and describe them each in depth.  To do that in a way that would give the features justice requires a dedicated post.  Therefore you'll find posts on specific devices in Live at the 2 or 3 star level.


Post Star Rating 5 (Expert) - This level would require the reader to be a seasoned user who has been a very, very busy bee with Live indeed. 

They'll know it inside out and will be creating their own Max For Live devices.  They'll be a sound design, synthesis, mixing, mastering and all round Live ninja.  With that in mind, it will be a while before you see me post a 5 star!


Don't Despair...

...and be put off from a post because of the rating, it is simply a guide.  If you see a feature used in a post that you are not familiar with, it could be that I have written a post on it.  I link relevant urls as much as I can so hopefully you can link to another article of mine that helps.  If I haven't got around to writing a post on the specific device, check out the Ableton Ninjas in the GOTO Ableton Live Resources series - there is a good chance they have covered it. 

Have you read through and followed a post step by step and and it is still not clear?  You'll find an Ableton Live pack with each post available for download. 

If like me, you figure things out best by reverse engineering, turning things on and off and changing settings to understand how stuff works, you can refer to the Live pack.

Quick Tip And Info Icon

Like everything in life, there's no super easy shortcut to learning Live...

...however, since using live I have picked up a few nuggets and quick tips which aren't immediately obvious.  I'll be posting these in much shorter (phew!) articles which will typically take no more than 5 minutes to cover. These are be indicated by the quick tip info icon below:


They won't provide you with a secret formula to master Live but everyone likes a quick tip.  I know I do.

Post Tags

Each post has been tagged with its star rating or whether it was a quick tip post.  Using the search on the Blog page, you'll be able to find all posts of a given rating or all the quick tip posts.

Need Help Or Found A Problem With A Post?

...it wouldn't surprise me...


...although I take every care to ensure that posts are clear and easy to follow, I'm not perfect and have much to learn myself - which is partly the reason why created I this website.  Should you find any inaccuracies or have a query about any of my articles, please contact me.

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