jamuary 2018

Happy New Year.

I've just stumbled across #Jamuary2018 through AfroDJMac's blog.  If like me, you hadn't heard of #Jamuary, the idea is to create something each day in January using whatever instruments, plug ins, DAWs or any other kit you have lying around.

AfroDjMac's podcast provides some useful advice on how to approach Jamuary.  Here are the main points I took away from his podcast:

  • the focus here is on creating and not to be concerned with completing a track or how good it is

  • it does not have to be finished

  • you'll want to impose some limitations on what you will use for the jam to focus your effort

  • if you can, do it at the same time of day

In February, AfroDJMac is planning a #FinishFebruary2018 where you can draw upon all of January's 31 tracks and put them to use by making a complete track from them in February.

What a great idea.  Put aside 30 minutes and listen to his Podcast for more details.

I'll be participating and no doubt will find it challenging but look forward to seeing where it takes me.