GOTO Ableton Live Resources ~ Part 1: Ableton Live Ninjas
ableton live ninjas

When I first began using Ableton Live I spent a lot of time searching online for tutorials.  In the Ableton community we're fortunate to have great Ableton Certified Trainers and experts sharing what the have learned to help beginners find their way around the program.  There is so much content and many tutorials, free and paid but there are a few that stand out.  This post will outline some Ableton Live Ninjas who continually pop up in my search results and who I return to time and time again.

So, in no particular order, here they are:

Brian Funk

Brian Funk is a musician, producer and writer who has taught an Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live Course at the Berklee College of Music since 2014.  In addition to featuring in depth Ableton tutorials, releasing free Ableton Live packs, he also publishes articles and podcasts focusing on the creative process. 

I've learned so much from his 2 minute Ableton Live tip series, am a frequent visitor to his site and listener to his Music Production Podcasts.

Francis Prève

Not only an Ableton Live Ninja but an all round Sound Ninja. Francis has designed presets for Ableton, Korg and Roland to name but a few. In addition to being a college professor in Austin, Texas, he is also a journalist and has written for Keyboard, Computer Music (UK), Future Music, EQ, and Music & Computers.

Want to learn how to recreate real world sounds with Operator? Look up his Scapes project here.

Looking for masterclass tutorials in FM synthesis & Operator? Look up his blog here.

On top of all that, he really enjoys sharing what he has learned during his career of over 30 years with synths, sound design, music and much more. His Operator tutorials have really helped me out. His work is fresh and inspiring.

Francis is awesome!

Animus Invidious

I discovered Animus while listening to an episode of Brian Funk’s Music Production Podcast.  If like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve your workflow and organise your library then check out his blog at

His ‘How to Organize User Plugin Presets Like A Boss In Ableton 9 Using The Hidden Architecture’ blog post was a revelation for me and has completely changed how I organise my racks.  I’m using it in Ableton Live 10 and it continues to be supported.

Animus shares tips and tricks covering niche topics not discussed much elsewhere on the internet so it’s worth stopping by his site. 

Did I mention free racks designed by Animus are downloadable from his website and in addition to this, his paid for racks are also available from Isotonik Studios?  Check him out.

Tom Glendinning

Tom Glendinning is a computer musician from Cape Town, South Africa, where he founded the Cape Town Ableton User Group. Currently based in London, UK, he is an expert instructor in music production at the Point Blank Music School.

He has a cool selection of Ableton Live Packs available from his website and has appeared on Brian Funk’s Music Production Podcast. Check out the jam Brian Funk put together using Tom's Earth Drums.

In addition to being a talented musician and Ableton Certified Trainer, his website showcases his visually stunning and impressive artwork.

Over the last few years we're fortunate to have had Tom has make his way down the M4 from London to Bristol to give talks at the Bristol Ableton User Group. I happened to be in attendance at one in 2017 where Tom performed with Push following up with a talk on concepts and different approaches on performing live with Ableton.

Tom will also be involved with the upcoming Machina Bristronica event held at Motion in Bristol on Saturday 30th March 2019, so look out for him there if you’re in town.

Take a moment to visit Tom's website for great Live Packs and inspiration.

Tom Cosm

With his boundless energy, contagious enthusiasm and endless stream of ideas, Tom Cosm's tutorials were where I began. His videos clearly explain techniques in a short space of time yet manage to cover a lot of ground.  His engaging style helped me understand Ableton Live fundamentals and keeps me coming back time and again.

Subaqueous Music

Isaac Cotec has over 200 blog articles covering many Ableton Live techniques and he makes available plenty of live racks and instruments for free.  Not only that, he covers topics ranging from arrangement, composition and song structure as well as featuring insightful articles - check out 'How to Be a Better Musician Showing Respect'. When searching for Ableton 'how to's', Subaqueous is often in the search results with what I am looking for.

Sonic Bloom

Former Ableton Tech support, what more do you need?  Madeline Bloom set up her site after Ableton Tech support.

As an Ableton Certified Trainer, Madeline provides insights and tutorials into the deep recesses of Ableton Live.  There is sure to be something here to inspire and fuel your imagination. 

Listen to Madeline on the Brian Funk’s Music Production Podcast.

Martin Delaney

Martin has written a range of books covering Ableton Live tips and tricks as well as performing with Ableton Live.  He is a frequent contributor to MusicTech with tutorials covering Push, Ableton Live instruments and field recording in Ableton Live.

He's someone who enjoys teaching newcomers to music tech and Live as well as those at the other end of the scale.  That being said, Martin has something for everyone and is of course, an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

Now we just need to find the time to go through all their material. I could have included more, but hey, I need to finish the track I am putting must be familiar with that!  When time permits, I'll be updating this post with more of my GOTO Ableton Live Ninjas

I'd be interested in what you think, who are your GOTO Ableton Live Ninjas?

Look out for the 2nd part in the this GOTO series, I'll be reviewing the books I've found most useful.