About mybackroombeats.com

Welcome to mybackroombeats.com.

This site features a collection of songwriting and music production blogs and articles with a focus on the Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

About the site

Hello, I'm Nick and I make music with Ableton Live.   

I've always had an involvement with music in one way or another, whether as a listener or playing guitar in bands.  In early 2015 I returned to music following a lengthy hiatus from playing, signing up for the Ableton Live 30 day trial.

To become more familiar with Ableton Live, I enrolled on a course running in my hometown.  Since then, I've slipped into a world of synthesis, sound design and mixing.

After 4 years I continue to consider myself new to this feature rich and versatile DAW. Passionate about learning from others and sharing my experiences throughout my journey, I'd like to contribute to the community, beginning with this website. 

It's purpose is to reference, share and explore articles I have learned from so others may find it useful and discover something new. 

I’ll also  be posting articles and tips of my own.

I hope you enjoy the site and thanks for visiting.